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When you make a call via Just Dial UK you only pay for calling one of the Just Dial UK access numbers. It is your service provider that will charge you - not us. So for example, if you made a 5 minute call( dial 08445700158 + 00 + country code + destination number) to France from a BT phone in the weekend, then next time you got your BT bill you would see a call to 0844 570 0158, a duration of 5 minutes and a charge of 25p and absolutely no charges by us, and absolutely no extra costs. Simple!

The prices shown on this site are BT's charges per minute for calling the Just Dial access number and you are charged per second from connection to the Just Dial service. If you're not with BT you need to check with your service provider how much they will charge for calls made to the Just a Dial access numbers. Some mobile service providers even bundle some of the Just a Dial access numbers into certain free minutes packages. If you are thinking of using a Just Dial access number from your mobile phone please first check the charges with your mobile service provider. CLICK HERE for the contact numbers.

Also there is a surcharge from BT payphones box on the street, please check at the point of making your call.

TOPUP2TALK (From 0.5p/min)

Topup2Talk Rates

Simply dial 0901 366 6013 from a BT phone to gain 1 credit on that phone.

Call when you want, for as long as you want, as often as you want. Make your call from your chosen phone using our 0207 124 6666 or 0800 594 6666 access numbers.

Text the message 0158 to 83006.
This message will cost you £3 and we will credit you phone with £3 of call credit.

Make a call from you mobile phone using our access number 0207 124 6666
Talk for 0.5p a minute!

Text the message 0158 to 80550.
We'll send you a £5 card directly to your mobile.

These are the great rates you can enjoy when using our international calling card service. Just check out the savings over BT's standard rates!

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